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Why acrylic pour painting is muddy and the best ways to avoid it?

I had fun this October trying all kind of pours. I was mixing colors and some paintings were with nice cells, but there were and mistakes.
Let me start with that, that a muddy pour happens because of the over mixing of colors.

I think there are a lot of things that can create muddy factors. All starts from color selection, the paint density, the paint consistency, layering, medium. So what to do and how to avoid it?
There is a list of things you need to consider before you pour your next beautiful art piece.


Familiarize yourself with basic color theory.

Have at-home color wheel. Recommended from a company of a paint you are using and familiarize yourself with how to use it.

Every color has a different color density. Recommended out from a company of a paint you are using.

Choose the right consistency of the paint. Make sure they are thick enough, but not too thin.

Do not stir colors in the cup.

Layering. It’s a good idea to pour a thin layer of white or black between the colors to stop them from touching each other.

Layer carefully. Don’t plop and go.

Change your medium or change your paint. Sometimes it’s not the medium, but rather, the paint.

Sometimes you just have to stop tilting.

How to fix a muddy effect? Easy 4 Tips!

Scrape it. If you already notice muddiness is a problem scrape it off long before the paint dries.

Pour over it. You can do it till it is wet or after it completely dries.

Pour more on it. When it is still wet.

Leave your favorite part. If you like any place of it, scrape around the place you don't like. Wait till it is medium dry. Once the surface of your first layer of paint starts to dry, it will become sluggish and difficult to move then pour paint around your favorite part.

Final thoughts

Be brave to experiment with paint, medium, and extra materials and you’ll be able to choose your colors wisely and predict the outcome of your pour.
All mistakes are fixable!
Happy pouring everyone.