Who is Ausra M ?

I am happy you asked it!

I will tell you a story about one friendly and positive person Ausra M. My full name is Ausra Markeviciute and I was born in the wonderful port city Klaipeda (Lithuania). I grew up with my loving, caring and supporting family. As a child I was enjoying playing and drawing with pencils, brushes, gouaches, watercolors and my fingers. Later I finished studies and got a diploma as an economist and was working as a waitress, bartender, event organizer.

In 2011 I moved to live abroad.
The first challenge I faced there was learning English and step by step I learned it. I was living in different countries and cities and I improved my English and started learning the Dutch language as now I live in the beautiful city of Antwerpen (Belgium).
My second challenge was to get promoted in jobs that I liked to do and I never got promoted. If you ask me if I am disappointed? I will say not anymore. If you ask me why? Because now I know what I love to do!
I think that love and passion go together. Don't you think so!?

I believe that from all challenges we learn and grow. That is why I am grateful for all amazing people that I met in my life. Thank you all my friends, family and fans for the love and support.
To do the paintings I get inspired by looking at the beautiful nature, tasting new food, learning new things, traveling, meeting people and watching other artists creating their awesome artworks.

When I was a kid I was enjoying touching paints and different textures of the surfaces. To this day I get excited if I see new colors, textures and designs. I am happy when I create, inspire people and help people. Sometimes I am sure what I am painting, sometimes I just let the hands drop the paint and make the magic by creating a piece of art.

My journey as an artist started in 2018. I find out about acrylic paint. In 2020 I decided to share my hobby and joy how I paint and experiment with acrylic paints with all of you. There are a lot of variations of colors and textures you can do with acrylic paint, plus it can be used on surfaces such as paper, cardboard, wood, compressed panels, metal, glass, fabric and ceramics. How cool is that!? So far I have experience working with paper and canvas. I have so much more to explore!

My goal is not only to make amazing art paintings but also to connect with other artists and do exhibitions, collaborations and other artworks together.

Would you like to join me and see how my acrylic experiments go?
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