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How To Get Awesome Cells?

How to get awesome cells?

I like beautiful cells. And you? So how to create them?
There are many ways to get them. But do all of them work? Will it work for you? There is no guarantee that after reading blogs you will get the right answer. The best way is to experiment and find your own recipe. Get comfortable in experimenting!

The basic factors of getting cells are to get the right ratio of paint, silicone, floetrol, and extra materials.
Also, there are technical parts of the process that you do not want to mess up. And the biggest thing is to do a paint consistency test.

My Recipe

20gr. Floetrol
10gr. Glue
20gr. Color
I mixed each color separately.
After I added water. 5-10 gr. of water depending on color thickness.
Water helps paints to flow better.
I checked the consistency of all colors and made them all the same consistency.
After I added 2 drops of silicone to each color. And mixed 5 times. Not over mixed paints with silicone, because it can cost more small cells than big.
For this particular painting, I mixed 6 different colors.
I put all colors in a cup and did a flip cup pour.
After colors settled (it takes about 5-10min) I tilted and let it dry.
When the painting dried I cleaned it and put varnish, before I put the isolation coat with soft gel gloss.


Experiment as much as possible and enjoy the process. Do not be afraid of mistakes. Every mistake brings you to the results that you want. And one day you will get comfortable and will make awesome artworks!
Good Luck!