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Hello my name is Ausra Markeviciute and I am in love with art. My paintings are made from acrylic paints, good quality canvas and focused on modern, abstract, contemporary, fine, fluid art.

I had an opportunity to live in different countries, cities and I saw new ways and forms of art, new products, new techniques that can be used on the paintings and that inspired me to try more.
I find my inspiration in the nature and by learning new things.

Art always makes me feel free and inspired. I always try to act by the rules, so art for me is a great way to move myself out of my comfort zone. And I absolutely love it!
My paintings might bring you to your dreamland, create more peace, love and add some fire or sparkles to your life!

My goal is to find other artists and help each other out with techniques we know or are learning. I like sharing my knowledge as much as learning new things.

Would you like to do collaborations, exhibitions, workshops or to do any other art concepts? Feel free to contact me by email:

I am located in the beautiful city of Antwerp (Belgium)

Have a wonderful day,
Ausra M.